Jörg Holstein, Managing Director

Jörg Holstein, Managing Director

Strategy and Marketing

Jörg Holstein, founder and Managing Director of VISUS, is responsible for designing, planning, and implementing the corporate business development strategy with focus on sales and marketing.

Holding a Master of Science degree in computer science with focus on business administration, Jörg Holstein is equally versed in the technical and the business tools. He has been working in a medical technology environment for more than 20 years, inter alia as the Director of the Computer Science Department of the Mülheim Radiology Institute and the Department of Medical Computer Science at the Institute for Microtherapy at the private University of Witten/Herdecke.

Jörg Holstein is Member of the Board of MedEcon Ruhr e.V. and represents VISUS on the advisory board of Agentur GesundheitsCampus Bochum and the Bochum Institute for Technology.

Klaus Kleber, Managing Director

Klaus Kleber, Managing Director

Technology and Finance

Klaus Kleber, founder and Managing Director, is responsible for two major areas: finances and technology, the latter comprising research, product development and professional after sales services.

A computer engineer and mathematician by training, he gathered in-depth experience with the management of complex software development projects and quality management at Bayer AG. Before founding VISUS he headed the computer science R&D department at the Institute for Microtherapy at the private university Witten/Herdecke.

Guido Bötticher, Managing Director

Guido Bötticher, Managing Director


Guido Bötticher is Chief Officer Sales of the Bochum-based company. Joining the current Chief Officers Jörg Holstein and Klaus Kleber Mr. Bötticher will be in charge of national and international sales.

Having a degree in economics with focus on hospital management, he is familiar with both the demands of hospital life and the technical demands of/in IT. For 20 years Guido Bötticher has been working in the IT healthcare sector (support, product management, product marketing, sales), two years of which he spent as an IT manager in a hospital network with 4 sites and 1,400 beds. Since 2008 he has been a member of the VISUS team.

Christoph von Prince, Vice President

Christoph von Prince, Vice President


Vice President Christoph von Prince is responsible for the strategic business process development of VISUS.

With more than 20 years of PACS experience, Christoph von Prince is the prime technical expert for the JiveX product family. He successfully implemented a number of large and small projects, both throughout Germany and internationally. Since joining VISUS in 2003, Christoph von Prince has been a driving force in the corporate development of VISUS, most recently as Director of Technical Services.

Axel Schreiber, MD, PhD, Vice President

Axel Schreiber, MD, PhD

Research and Development

Dr. Axel Schreiber, a physician by training, is Vice President and Director of Research & Development at VISUS. In this role, he is in charge of development, production and documentation of the entire JiveX product family as well as quality assurance.

As a physician, Dr. Schreiber knows our clients’ environment first hand. He has more than 15 years of experience in the development and sales of medical devices. He war Technical Director of a PACS manufacturer, MRI sales and marketing specialist and product manager for 3D image software. He joined VISUS in 2011.

Andreas Kaysler

Andreas Kaysler - VISUS

Head of Services

Head of Services since early 2017, Andreas Kaysler, formerly the Regional Sales Director West, is in charge of the departments project management, application and training as well as support and updates.

Andreas Kaysler, who joined VISUS in 2013, contributes years of experience in client-centered hospital IT. He gained in-depth knowledge of clinical processes, inter alia in his most recent hospital-based role as Head of IT.

Vera Scharr

Vera Scharr - VISUS

Finance and Administration

Vera Scharr has been heading the VISUS corporate department “Finances and Administration” since 2013, a role that encompasses liquidity management, controlling and accounting as well as human resources and commercial organization.

Ms. Scharr contributes expertise, more than 20 years of experience and the social skills necessary to successfully manage this key function. Before joining VISUS, Ms. Scharr held a similar position in a smaller healthcare organization.

Rudolf Heupel, Vice President

Sales Director Germany

Rudolf Heupel joined VISUS in 2009 as Regional Sales Director West. Today, he provides strategic and operative leadership for all direct and partner sales activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A medical IT specialist and nurse by training, he has been involved in healthcare IT since 1997. Before he joined VISUS, he was Head of IT and Project Manager of a large PACS installation in a hospital group.

Hans Willi Lohrke

Sales Director International

Hans Willi Lohrke, Sales Director International, liaises with the international partners of VISUS and expands the global sales network. He is the point of contact for all VISUS activities outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A business administration professional by training, Hans Willi Lohrke has more than 20 years of experience in international sales. A long-term sales director for medical displays in central Europe, he knows the medical technology world inside out. He joined VISUS in 2013.