Research and Development at the private University of Witten/Herdecke in the fields of Internet-technology and DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)

Implementation of several reference projects for the DICOM-Comitee in cooperation with Kuratorium OFFIS e.V.


Founding of VISUS as a technology spin-off from the private University of Witten/Herdecke by Jörg Holstein and Klaus Kleber


First product introduction of JiveX for PACS and image distribution and first references in Germany


Zukunftswettbewerb Ruhrgebiet

Technology award "Zukunftswettbewerb Ruhrgebiet" for JiveX ASP given by the government of North Rhine-Westphalia. (competition for the future in the Ruhr area)


Finishing of JiveX product line for hospital-wide and interdisciplinary image management for all medical specialities.

First reference project (PACS-II) in the Netherlands.



Market introduction of the trend-setting JiveX 4.0 and JiveX ASP telearchiving solution for data centers

Implementation of the huge JiveX network solution for the whole of Lapland (Tel Lappi) together with our partner from Finland OneMed (formerly Tamro Medlab)


Consistent implementation of online referral communication within the first German web-portal solution together with our partner ISPro

Launch of the biggest German teleradiology network with more than 100 sites for Diagnostic Network AG

Market introduction of the network solution for digital mammography screening



First big installation in China together with our partner Medavis. Processing and reporting of more than 1.500 exams per day

Receiving of a data security certificate issued by ZTG (Center of Healthcare Telematics) and market introduction of JiveX ASP as a pay-per-use concept in Germany

FDA approval for the US market and founding of VISUS USA as a joint venture with Net.Orange


First reference customers in North America and pay-per-study as well as pay-per-volume references

Cooperation with the private Sana hospital group for the development of intersectoral image communication

First Enterprise PACS installation by VISUS Middle East in the Bahrain Defense Force Hospital


Cooperation with T-Systems in the field of Storage Services (SSP)

VISUS moves to "BioMedizin-Zentrum Ruhr", the R&D center at the University of Bochum, with its own IT-lab and an office covering now more than 1,500 square meters 


Strategical business development in the region of Eastern Europe by VISUS Central Eastern Europe

Expansion of JiveX solution portfolio for ECG and radiotherapy with international reference customers



VISUS’ 10th anniversary: Proven partnership based on continuity, reliability, and fairness

New VISUS Nordic and Baltic office in Veikkola (near Helsinki)


First presentation of JiveX workflow integrated image registration and 3D imaging

Successful implemetation of "Teleradiology Network Ruhr" with about 40 hospitals and imaging centers based on DICOM E-Mail protocol

Image management with PACS II becomes a trend outside of radiology departments in Germany


Transition of the Teleradiology Network Ruhr to normal operation and participation in the MedEcon Telemedicine GmbH. 

Successful second VISUS Symposium, themed "Using the X-factor of image management interdisciplinary".

Full workflow integration of 3D volume reconstruction and vessel analysis in the JiveX PACS.


Expansion of the product portfolio by JiveX Tomosynthesis and JiveX Mobile.

Successful transfer of the PACS II concept from the Netherlands to Germany with numerous reference projects.

The teleradiology network Ruhr is growing constantly and due to that it was renamed to Westdeutschen Teleradiogieverbund.


Launch of the JiveX Medical Archive solution for consolidating digital archiving in hospital.


Founding of VISUS IT Solutions AG in Switzerland

FDA approval for JiveX Integrated Imagaing and Medical Archive


Red Dot Award in the category interface design

JiveX 5.0 – completely overhauled user interface. Winner of the Red Dot Award in the category interface design.


New registered head office located on the Bochum health campus

New registered head office located on the Bochum health campus. We have change the trading name of  our company into VISUS Health IT GmbH.