Mission Statement

visus - Mission Statement

Leadership in Complexity and Interoperability

VISUS is a leading vendor of medical image distribution solutions. The range of products consists of systems from the departmental image review up to hospitalwide and distributed image communication solutions.

VISUS is equipped with an outstanding DICOM know-how, as a spin-off of the University of Witten/Herdecke, due to numerous reference projects for the Committee for the Advancement of DICOM. To keep its technology advantage VISUS works closely with several university departments.

Innovation for our Healthcare

The VISUS's goals are the realization of innovative web-enabled image distribution solutions for different applications in medicine on the highest level of quality. Therefore the international DICOM standard as well as the Java technologies, are the fundamentals of the product family JiveX.

VISUS aims to reach an internationally leading market position as solution provider and a technology supplier too. For the distribution of its products VISUS has built up a global sales partner network.