Governmental Affairs and Strategy

Governmental Affairs and strategy are important issues for a medium-sized company – indeed for a company of any size – and thus enjoy high priority at VISUS.

Governmental Affairs

VISUS is involved in different healthcare policy processes to contribute to opinion formation and policy making. Moreover, the company is available for discussions on any health IT-relevant questions in areas such as establishment of health networks, interoperability, archiving or transparency of patient data for users. VISUS is in regular contact  with government representatives on regional, national and EU level and with representatives of the different healthcare self-administration bodies, associations and initiatives. VISUS is an active member of different associations and working groups.

National and International Strategy

Promoting Health IT in Germany

In close cooperation with political initiatives, university and non-university hospitals, associations and other health IT vendors VISUS aims to promote health IT in Germany. One focus in this endeavour is nation-wide interoperability to ensure that all healthcare actors can easily but safely exchange medical data for the benefit of patients and patient care. VISUS contributes its technologies in many innovative projects. One condition, however,  is a sustainable and long-term project approach: the continuation of the project  has to be guaranteed beyond the initial phase and wide roll-out should be aimed at.

Strongly Positioning VISUS Internationally

In order to ensure the continued growth as a company and to evolve our software products in line with the newest international health IT developments VISUS pursues an international expansion strategy. Current sales contacts are complemented by strategic decisions: Besides a thorough analysis of the target markets contacts to chambers of commerce, embassies and local players in the health IT sector are important to us.

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