Alphatron Customer Day 2017

Healthcare Content Management System casts anchor in the Netherlands

Rotterdam/Bochum, 6 July 2017: In April, the VISUS Healthcare Content Management System (HCM) was successfully launched at this year’s conhIT and is now ready to sail international waters. The first port of call was Rotterdam where VISUS’ Dutch partner Alphatron presented the HCM at the annual Customer Day.

The newest development from Bochum, demonstrated live by VISUS staff, met with enormous interest. With the Netherlands being the vanguard in terms of data consolidation, standardization and networking, it is not surprising that the VISUS HCM impressed the expert users who had flocked to Customer Day: JiveX HCM provides all components required to integrate, process, map and distribute healthcare data in one system. Due to its deep integration into other primary systems such as the HIS, HCM creates a seamless communication cycle which adds crucial value to therapy safety and efficiency in healthcare facilities.

But HCM is not the only vessel in the VISUS fleet: tried and tested JiveX Enterprise PACS has been equipped with innovative functionality to even further simplify radiology processes such as easy navigation of dynamic CT and MRI exams. These scans, which are usually contrast-enhanced, have become increasingly popular over the past years, particularly in MRI, and are now standard component of a diagnostic work-up. The option to navigate dynamic exams right in the PACS is handy and saves time. JiveX users will benefit from this functionality as of version 5.0.1.

Current security issues on the agenda

Talk of the town at Customer Day was the fact that not long ago Máxima Medisch Centrum in Eindhoven had lost patient data – an event that filled all 60 participants from 17 Dutch hospitals with deep concern. Thus Alphatron put the highly sensible issue of data security on the agenda. Spontaneously, the Customer Day organizers invited Martijn Schasfoort, Manager Health & Information Technology at Máxima Medisch Centrum and long-term JiveX user, to share his experience. He underlined that there had “neither been an outside attack nor a weakness in the IT system”. The data loss was rather caused by a hardware management error combined with an unfortunate human error. Neither JiveX nor any other software system was to blame for the data loss or was causally involved in it in any way, shape or form. Quite on the contrary: The VISUS support in recovering the data was excellent, as Martijn Schasfoort emphasized.For further information, please visit;

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