Grand opening of the new VISUS corporate headquarters on Health Campus

Innovative architecture in a creative environment

Bochum, 10 July 2017: Work hard, party hard. VISUS clients, partners, employees and their families were only too happy to follow this invitation to the VISUS “family & friends” summer party on 28 June 2017. This year the fixture on the VISUS calendar was a special event: the company celebrated its move to the new corporate headquarters.

For the first time the annual VISUS bash was held at the corporate headquarters, with the VISUS management being visibly proud to present their youngest brain child. “The new building creates a work environment of an entirely new quality, based on the one hand on the architecture with its state-of-the-art technology and on the other hand on the spacious environment which offers room for creative breaks and for informal interaction, be it at the football table or in the company restaurant with its large roof terrace and gas-fired barbecue – the perfect backdrop for people to get together,” says Jörg Holstein, VISUS founder and managing director.

When planning the building on the ever-growing so-called Health Campus in Bochum the quality of the work environment and the flexibility of the building layout were crucial considerations. “When the architects began their work in early 2015, VISUS counted 114 employees; by the time we moved in this March, there were already 143 of us. We intend to continue this healthy growth over the next years and therefore we need a building that can grow with us. This entails a flexible approach to rooms and spaces which can be adapted to the needs of the company,” adds Christoph von Prince, Vice President, who oversaw the construction process at VISUS.

Birgit Fischer: “Immense networking potential”

Tours through the new office space and meet-the-expert sessions catered to the more technically inclined crowd while a food court, live music and entertainment catered to the more party-inclined crowd. Both however agreed that the address by Birgit Fischer was a highlight of the afternoon. The former Minister for Health and Social Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and current Director General of the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies as well as member of the advisory board of Agentur GesundheitsCampus Bochum, was excited about the new location: “The Health Campus is a highly creative environment for a broad range of healthcare professionals who all endeavor to improve healthcare and patient care. On this campus you can find a cluster of experts in research, teaching, patient care or industry. The campus is a microcosm of the creative potential for progressive developments in healthcare. It promotes interaction, cooperation and practical solutions. This is why particularly VISUS is a major asset for the campus. I have no doubts that VISUS in turn will find important partners and clients here”.

Thus, the new VISUS space is also a promise – a promise of innovative energy and the desire to ensure that the JiveX products will continue to contribute to the advancement of patient care. In order to be able to achieve this aim, VISUS sets great store by the promotion of junior professionals – be it in management or informatics, be it graduate students or professionals from other disciplines looking for a new challenge. In short: VISUS loves brains.

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Grand opening of the new VISUS corporate headquarters
Birgit Fischer - VISUS Health IT GmbH