IHE Connectathon 2016

Bochum – world capital of interoperability

Bochum, 22 April 2016: For VISUS, this year‘s IHE interoperability marathon – the Connectathon – was a home match since the international health IT development community for the first time met in Bochum, the very heart of the German Ruhr area. Another first was the German Interoperability Day, which took place in the framework of the Connectathon and had been organized by bvitg (German Association of Health IT Vendors), IHE Germany and ZTG (Zentrum für Telematik und Telemedizin GmbH). 

“As a company whose entire product development philosophy is based on the use of internationally recognized standards we were particularly pleased and honored to welcome the world of IHE in our home town. The fact that this important industry event takes place in the Ruhr area illustrates the standing this region enjoys today as health IT location”, says Jörg Holstein, Chief Executive Officer at VISUS.

VISUS focused their Connectathon tests once again on the IHE XDS profile (Cross Enterprise Document Sharing), as Ron Schwarz, Head of JiveX Development at VISUS, explains: “This profile describes the most important communication interface for JiveX Medical Archive, our own vendor-neutral archive. It is the foundation for the cross-facility exchange of consolidated data – a requirement which no doubt will become even more significant over the next few years.”

Decision-makers in one room

While at the Connectathon technologies underwent a thorough testing, the 1st German Interoperability Day at Ruhrcongress Bochum on 13 April 2016 was dedicated to the theoretical issues surrounding interoperability with practical considerations taking the backseat. The event aimed to provide a forum for policy makers, industry organizations and users to exchange ideas on projects, future perspectives and processes that drive healthcare IT interoperability. This aim was reached: Barbara Steffens, Minister of Health, Emancipation, Care and Age of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia was the high-profile representative of policy makers and other relevant stakeholder groups, such as research and industry, had also sent their top brass to Bochum.

At the industry fair that accompanied the event, VISUS and the Verein Elektronische Fallakte (Association Electronic Patient Record) showcased the preliminary steps to integrate the VISUS JiveX PACS with EFA 2.0 which in the future will also be based on IHE standards.

About Connectathon

Connectathon 2016 took place at Ruhrcongress Bochum from 11 to 15 April 2016. Every year software developers from all renowned companies meet to test the interoperability of their systems. These tests ensure that the software products communicate without a hitch in every day operation for the users to be able to profit from a networked IT environment. 

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