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JiveX continuous test

Bochum, October 19, 2017: Interoperability is defined at VISUS as key quality feature of JiveX products. Accordingly, the developers at this Bochum-based company never tire of demonstrating the connectivity of JiveX with other systems in various scenarios, any number of times. There have already been plenty of opportunities to do so this year, the focus being on the Connectathon in Venice and the Projectathon in Bern.

Building on the successful concept of the IHE Connectathon, eHealth Suisse organized the Projectathon in Bern on September 25-29, 2017. Companies and public bodies collaborating on realization of the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD) used the event to test the components required as part of interoperability tests. This dress rehearsal for live operations was also an outstanding opportunity for VISUS to test JiveX as an IHE XDS source, IHE XDS consumer and IHE XDS repository within the overall setting. It proved highly successful. Overall, the system integrated outstandingly well into the EPD infrastructure, and the developers gained important insights into the upcoming certification process. "We have gained a lot of useful information on how we can further optimize JiveX in order to be equipped for the additional demands of the EPD. The collaboration with the other vendor on the Projectathon went really well and was very constructive," summarizes Sven Lüttmann , XDS System Engineer at VISUS.

VISUS also performing well in Venice

The IHE XDS profile was similarly the focus at this year's Connectathon held in Venice on April 3-7, 2017. That is hardly surprising since this profile is what everyone is looking for when it comes to delivering cross-enterprise data exchange. VISUS successfully carried out a total of 202 tests on three test systems - a result of the excellent collaboration between software developers, testers and system engineers. On top of this, VISUS was able to demonstrate 36 successful integration profile/actor combinations.

"Interoperability is never a final state. Therefore we appreciate the possibility to place JiveX accordingly. We see events like the Connectathon or the Projectathon as a kind of dress rehearsal for later use with customers. Taking part in these kinds of events is, accordingly, not simply for our own benefit, but is particularly well-received by our customers, who can rely on having a "compatible" partner at all levels in VISUS," says Guido Bötticher, MD at VISUS.

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IHE Interoperability: JiveX continuous test
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