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The JiveX data trio: Digital, central, functional

Health institutions are not completely unprotected against the problem of bad data. They have…

[Translate to English:] Gute Daten - schlechte Daten


Escape from the data dilemma

The more data the better the therapy decision and greater success with treatment. Sounds good in…

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Transformation is team work

There is a great deal said about the major transformation of healthcare through digitalization. When…

JiveX Healthcare Content Management, your Guide in the Data-Jungle – Story


Your Guide in the Data Jungle

Anyone who wants to get out of the jungle safe and sound needs one thing in particular: a good…

Expensive Omissions – Story


Expensive Omissions

34 billion euros: that is the savings potential from digitizing healthcare calculated by McKinsey &…

Medical data as a business model – Story


Medical Data as a Business Model

Hospitals will prevent illness rather than help you recover from it. In the future, that's where the…

Getting out of the Data-Jungle – Story


Escape the Data Jungle!

Wherever you look and listen: data, data, data everywhere – and you are right in the middle of it! …

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Inadvertently agile

No IT, no agile working - that much is clear. That's because the necessary structures cannot be…

Ohne IT geht es nicht – Prozessoptimierung in Krankenhäusern


It doesn't work without IT

Agile working - another of those buzzwords everyone is talking about, but where hardly anyone knows…

Agile working


Agile working

The principle is old and well-established, but still remains true: Adapt or die. Unfortunately, the…