New momentum for top-notch service

  • Patrick Bader - VISUS

Patrick Bader has been leading the Helpdesk Team since August 1st, 2023. He succeeded Alf Meyerratken, who held this position for several years and is now voluntarily stepping down to take a back seat.

Patrick Bader understands just how important excellent service and quick help are for a company’s success. Before he started his job at VISUS, he held management positions in service-sensitive industries such as telecommunications, banking, aviation, and e-commerce. In total, he has collected an impressive 18 years of professional experience and has managed teams ranging in size from 15 to 600 employees.

His decision to take the position of Help Desk Manager at VISUS was also due to the company’s promise to itself to provide the best service in healthcare IT – a challenge he was only too happy to take on. “I see my role as creating an environment for excellent ideas that will allow us to provide a fantastic service experience to VISUS customers. Our customers can be assured that we are always challenging the status quo – with the goal of getting better every day,” says Patrick Bader, who has also set specific principles to guide his work: Authenticity, Fairness, Prudence, Integrity, Courage, Determination, Optimism, Focus, Inquisitiveness, and Striving for Excellence.

In addition, as a Ruhr Valley kid, or more precisely, as someone born and raised in Gelsenkirchen, the new department head embodies the “VISUS soft skills,” for example, the art of speaking openly and honestly while at the same time being as cordial as possible.

The previous Helpdesk Department Manager, Alf Meyerratken, decided to take a back seat as he would like to reduce his professional workload in the future. He will, however, remain at VISUS as Deputy Department Manager.