Up to the Cloud

  • Up in the Cloud

Our path led to the cloud. Inevitably. The VISUS mission statement, which defines the objectives we have set ourselves, pointed us in the right direction: "We will promote the potential of all medical data" and "We will digitize and network healthcare for the benefit of everyone". We are now meeting these demands even better.

By moving to the cloud, we are seamlessly building on the work of previous years - the consolidation of medical data - and preparing our customers for the next level: the digital and information-driven collaboration in teams, in healthcare networks, in expert groups - or whatever our customers' medical communities may be called in the future.

What makes the cloud the next logical step in development is owed to the possibilities offered by software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions which can be operated in the cloud. In future, this will enable our customers to book specific communications solutions on a case-by-case basis and cancel these when the need no longer exists. Together with the cloud, four solutions will be launched under the JiveX Healthcare Connect umbrella, which will extremely simplify collaboration with different communities. However, they are only the beginning of a "software media library" with on-demand solutions, with the range of offers being steadily expanded in the future.

JiveX Healthcare Connect

Outstanding connections in medicine!

JiveX Healthcare Connect consolidates and refines the medical data exchange functions from previous product lines (JiveX Enterprise PACS and JiveX Healthcare Content Management). It includes solutions that are perfectly adapted to the technical specifications and legal requirements of individual agents in healthcare. JiveX Healthcare Connect undergoes continuous development so that it satisfies the needs of our customers and the market.