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Headquarter Germany

VISUS Health IT GmbH
Gesundheitscampus-Süd 15-17
44801 Bochum, Germany

FON +49 234 93693-0
FAX +49 234 93693-199


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Headquarter Switzerland

VISUS IT Solutions AG
Grossmünsterplatz 6 8001
Zürich, Switzerland

FON +41 44 936 1104
FAX +41 44 936 1103


Interoperability and Workflow

Radiological data consolidation and preparation

JiveX Enterprise PACS – Interoperability and workflow

The PACS is an essential control center across radiological imaging and beyond. The objective is to achieve high-performance IT scenarios with cross-system work processes. And JiveX precisely performs this task by using conventional standard formats.

Non-proprietary imaging methods

Use of the world's most popular standard formats facilitates cross-system  work processes. These in turn enable the development of high-performance IT scenarios. In addition to conventional IHE profiles, JiveX Enterprise PACS supports formats such as DICOM or HL7. Thus, communication beyond the system boundaries is ensured for a defined preset structure.

Every modality using acknowledged standards, can also communicate with JiveX. Thus, irrespective of the modality vendor, the radiological images can be transferred to JiveX, saved there in an audit-proof form or distributed further within the clinic, e.g. sent to printer or special software which are non-proprietary as well.

If there is no data in the medical DICOM format, JiveX offers the chance to integrate the available data into the workflow through special gateways. These include such data types as photos, videos, PDFs or ECG data. After conversion into the DICOM format, this data can be archived in the patient context, distributed further and viewed, thus complementing the radiological image data information.

MPG-compliant viewer for cross-clinic findings

Once the data is stored in JiveX in a standard way, it becomes available throughout the clinic via the MPG-compliant JiveX Viewer.  Here it does not matter, whether a stationary JiveX workstation system or the JiveX Web Client browser-based and mobile solution is used: Both viewers have assess to the findings and, due to their flexibility, can be perfectly adapted to individual user requirements.

JiveX can be seamlessly integrated into the IT structure. If a JiveX (KIS/RIS) is called up by a leading system, the JiveX Viewer opens directly with the respective study, and can be examined directly.

The opposite is also possible, when the special software is called from JiveX, directly from the examination context. Thus, this does not interrupt the physician's workflow in any way. When the special software is called up, the relevant series is transferred from JiveX and opened without any need to make a further selection.

PACS contact person: Katharina Belohaubek & Paul Willer

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Our PACS representative would be pleased to provide you with advice. 

Katharina Belohaubek and Paul Willer
FON +49 234 936 93-400