Modality Gateways

JiveX - Independent and Flexible

JiveX - Independent and Flexible

JiveX Modality Gateways provide the link between the JiveX Server and the imaging devices (modalities). The JiveX System offers interfaces for the most diverse image and video formats, enabling linkage of almost any image source - be it digital or analog. No matter whether you work with CT, MRI, digital X-ray, angiography, nuclear medicine, ECG, or video endoscopy and photography – with JiveX you can archive any type of medical imaging data.

Based on national and international standards, JiveX works in conjunction with systems from other leading manufacturers. It goes without saying that JiveX complies with IHE requirements. 

Modality Gateways for the JiveX Server

JiveX DICOM Modality Gateway

Via the JiveX DICOM Modality Gateway, all devices that are compliant with the DICOM standard are connected via the network. This is how the communication between the modality and the PACS typically takes place. This gateway allows for IHE-compliant transmission of image data directly from the modality to the JiveX Communication Server via the DICOM storage service. 

JiveX File Import Gateway

The JiveX File Import Gateway provides functions that allow the reading of data from PDF files, JPEG files, and files including reports from the file system, so that the data can be integrated in the workflow of hospitals and clinics via established DICOM-based infrastructures. The transferred files are converted to the DICOM format, sent via DICOM Storage Service to the JiveX Communication Server, or assigned as report objects to a study. This data is thus lastingly integrated into the reporting workflows and can be clearly located at any time. 

JiveX Analog Modality Gateway

With the JiveX Analog Modality Gateway, clinical images, videos or PDF documents of any type and from any source can be acquired, labeled with patient information and sent to any desired PACS. Paper printouts, creation of CDs/DVDs or file export are also possible.

JiveX ECG Modality Gateway

The JiveX ECG Modality Gateway enables the digital storage of ECG data in the JiveX System. In particular, data formats of various ECG vendors, which are not provided in DICOM format, can be converted into the vendor-independent DICOM ECG format. The JiveX ECG Modality Gateway enables you to backup and archive your ECG examinations, thus integrating the ECG into the work and distribution processes of the image management. 

* Respective extension module is required. 
System requirements and functionality according to current product specification, DICOM and HL7 Conformance Statements, IHE Integration Statement, as well as Platform Product Clearance Policy. Feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you select most suitable hardware, and suggest use of systems certified by JiveX (JiveX Certified System).