Healthcare Networks

Solutions for hospital groups and group medical practices

Availability and consistency of data across departments and facilities is a precondition of modern and patient-centered healthcare. JiveX offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that enable medical networks and groups to be linked sensibly and flexibly. We also focus on establishing tailor-made workstations with intelligent image logistics and central archiving to ensure smooth and efficient workflows.

JiveX Enterprise PACS

One view, one click, one report - Radiology simple and efficient

JiveX Integrated Imaging

One hospital, one viewer, one PACS - Image and reports in one single system

JiveX Medical Archive

All medical information in one location

Managed Services

JiveX Application Service for PACS (ASP)

The PACS operator solution: Professional service, highest availability and flexible payment by "pay-per-study"

JiveX Storage Service for PACS (SSP)

External digital long-term archiving: 24x7 - data center operation, highest availability and volume dependent cost