Solutions for Hospitals

Solutions for hospitals

Today, image-based diagnostics and image data management are hospital-wide tasks. We aim to meet the needs and requirements of different medical disciplines and at the same time ensure cross-departmental availability of data – built on a lean IT architecture. The JiveX solutions offer a wide range of functionalities that efficiently support diagnostics. Equally important: they can be integrated seamlessly into the existing IT structure for maximum intercommunication of all patient-relevant data.

JiveX Enterprise PACS

One view, one click, one report - Radiology simple and efficient

JiveX Integrated Imaging

One hospital, one viewer, one PACS - Image and reports in one single system

JiveX Medical Archive

All medical information in one location

  • JiveX Radiology
    Management of Radiological Images - from Distribution and Digital Reporting to Audit-Proof Long-Term Archiving

  • JiveX Mammography
    Seamless Image Logistics, Optimized Reporting, and Structured Archiving in Mammography

  • JiveX Cardiology
    Seamless Workflows in Cardiology - from Reporting to Archiving

  • JiveX Orthopedics
    Optimizing Quality in Orthopedics through IT-Supported Planning and Digital Image Management

  • JiveX Radiotherapy
    Integration of Radiotherapy into Enterprise-Wide Communication

  • JiveX Sonography
    Reporting of Sonograms in the Clinical Workflow

  • JiveX Endoscopy
    Integrating Endoscopy into Campus-Wide Image Management

  • JiveX ECG
    Integrating ECG Waveforms into Campus-Wide Image Management

  • JiveX OR
    Seamless Image Management Around the Intervention JiveX Visual Documentation End-to-End Image Management Requires Integration of Diverse Visual Data

  • JiveX Reha
    Efficient, Integrated Image Management for Rehabilitation Organizations

  • JiveX Dental
    Digital X-Ray Images Optimize Patient Care in Dental Medicine

  • JiveX Integrated Imaging
    Integrated Image Management for all Clinical Departments in the Hospital

  • JiveX Medical Archive
    Vendor neutral archive

  • JiveX Mobile and JiveX Web
    Access your data, anywhere, anytime

  • JiveX PDF Print Gateway
    Don‘t Print, Go Digital

Managed Services

JiveX Application Service for PACS (ASP)

The PACS operator solution: Professional service, highest availability and flexible payment by "pay-per-study"

JiveX Storage Service for PACS (SSP)

External digital long-term archiving: 24x7 - data center operation, highest availability and volume dependent cost