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What we offer:

JiveX Integrated Imaging by VISUS is a solution that integrates all images (DICOM and non-DICOM) as well as vital signs from across the hospital in one. Thus all diagnostic relevant images can be viewed on a single device. Deep integration with the Hospital Information System allows the images to be accesses throughout the organization and to be introduced in the patient record.

Our core competency in DICOM, HL7 and IHE combined with our international project experience prompted us to develop the unique VISUS JiveX Integrated Imaging product portfolio:

  • JiveX Radiology
  • JiveX Medical Archive
  • JiveX Mammography
  • JiveX ECG
  • JiveX OR
  • JiveX Mobile
  • JiveX Endoscopy
  • JiveX Telemedicine / JiveX DICOM E-mail
  • JiveX SSP (long-term storage service in a data center)

Each application can run as a stand-alone component and is designed to meet the specific requirements of a department or sector.

Who we are:

VISUS is a leading supplier of image management solutions in healthcare networks with more than 900 customers worldwide. The JiveX product family covers a wide range of applications, from department-based PACS to cross-department Enterprise PACS including teleradiology and complex multi-site solutions with data center.

Whom we are looking for:

VISUS International Partner Program

The VISUS International Partner Program is aimed at resellers, distributors and OEM partners interested in JiveX Integrated Imaging (PACS II). VISUS provides a certified partner training, marketing, technical as well as project support. The potential partner has access to decision makers in the healthcare business, e.g. in radiology, cardiology, surgery, OR, endoscopy, ECG or healthcare IT. The partner has a strong interest in JiveX Integrated Imaging as a core product and/or as an added value to complementary partner solutions. VISUS expects a strong sales focus as well as an application and technical team dedicated to the JiveX products. If you would like to join the VISUS International Partner Program, please click on the following link and complete the form.

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