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JiveX Diagnostic Tomosynthesis

JiveX Diagnostic Tomosynthesis

JiveX Diagnostic Tomosynthesis Client displays, assesses, and manages not only two-dimensional mammography images but also tomosynthesis data regardless of the modality manufacturer and based on the DICOM image of the Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Objects (DBT) type. Besides all mammography functions, the important option of MIP display is additionally available for tomosynthesis data. An interactive position indicator helps in determining the position in space.

The diagnostician may freely choose to assess the data from all radiological imaging modalities, in parallel, within a multi-modality viewer on his/her workstation.

Functional Highlights

Synthetic 2D images

JiveX Diagnostic Tomosynthesis Client is able to display tomosynthesis images, computed by the modality, as a single two-dimensional image. Due to such a display of the synthetic 2D image from the original tomosynthesis image, it is possible to compare a standard mammography screen result directly with it.

Use of artificial intelligence

The assessment of tomosynthesis images is time-consuming. It may be accelerated by the use of artificial intelligence. Lesions detected by AI may also be displayed in Tomosynthesis Client. In the process, it is possible to navigate directly from one appropriately marked slice to the next.

MIP display

In order to improve the volume effect, individual slices may be merged to a MIP display. The user may effortlessly scroll through these images merged to an image stack. 


Tomosynthesis images may be very large, thus making loading and processing of those images highly demanding. Mechanisms that reduce loading time to a minimum have been developed for JiveX Diagnostic Tomosynthesis Client.

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