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JiveX Mammography: Optimized processes in mammary diagnostics

Whether in curative or screening mammography, assessment of digital breast imaging is extremely demanding for the radiologist.

The timing of the diagnosis is critical to whether a mammary carcinoma can be successfully treated with therapy. The specialized JiveX solutions for mammography contribute to improvement of the diagnostics and thus to early recognition of breast cancer – and does so across modalities: Both mammography and tomosynthesis data may be assessed and managed in the JiveX solutions. Beyond that, JiveX has proved its worth as a reliable partner in the national mammography screening program.

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How does JiveX Mammography work?

With JiveX Diagnostic Mammo Client, VISUS has developed a software solution capable of meeting these challenging demands. This is adapted to the processes as well as the assessment practices and requirements of breast centers or screening units, while permitting image management that just as precise as it is structured. Since JiveX Diagnostic Mammo Client is based on the full-service JiveX Diagnostic Client for radiology, it is also capable of image data management beyond mammography. This permits parallel visualization of images from different modalities and of data of different formats.
Several additional functions that specifically meet the needs of mammography round out JiveX Diagnostic Mammo Client. Thus specific hanging protocols can be linked together as an assessment workflow. The Mammoshutter recognizes the contours of the breast, which enables the fullest possible display on the monitors as well as automatic height adjustment. Projection lines make it easier to find a marked lesion in the corresponding image. For marked lesions, the distance to the nipple is automatically determined and much more...

Both in the curative context and in mammography screening, AI results can be integrated in a configurable and manufacturer-independent manner. This is the case both in the administrative part as an identifier of studies in a study list (if corresponding "scores" are available in the AI output), and in the viewer as a display of detected lesions.

JiveX Diagnostic Tomosynthesis Icon

JiveX Diagnostic Tomosynthesis

Building on JiveX Diagnostic Mammo Client, it is additionally possible with JiveX Diagnostic Tomosynthesis Client to meet the higher requirements of tomosynthesis assessment.