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Headquarter Germany

VISUS Health IT GmbH
Gesundheitscampus-Süd 15
44801 Bochum, Germany

FON +49 234 93693-0
FAX +49 234 93693-199


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Headquarter Switzerland

VISUS IT Solutions AG
Fraumünsterstrasse 29
CH-8001 Zürich, Switzerland

FON +41 44 552 24 80
FAX +41 44 552 24 83


Healthcare Content Management System

Creating an appropriate JiveX HCM for your facility

There is no rigid blueprint for creating an HCM. Each HCM is individually tailored to meet your needs. Before the HCM is launched, there is an initial survey:

  • What existing IT systems are providing the medical data to be integrated into the HCM?
  • What data formats are available?
  • What existing components can be used for HCM implementation?
  • What components are missing altogether?
  • Who will be the users of the HCM and data? How should data allocation occur later?
  • What processes can be implemented immediately? Which can be implemented at a later stage?

Answers to these questions make clear what components of the JiveX HCM are needed and how these should be constructed:

  • Medical data integration
    • Hospital information system
    • Gateways for integrating different data (formats)
  • Workflow management
    • Process components for medical data import and allocation (HL7 MDM, IHE-XDS)
    • Process components for building worklists
    • Process components for automated classification (file plan)
    • Process components for data synchronization
  • Medical viewing
    • MPG-compliant multiple format viewer
  • Medical archive
    • IHE-XDS-compliant medical archive
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FON +49 234 936 93-400

HCM for Dummies

Healthcare Content Management for Dummies

"HCM for dummies" is available both as a book and online version! Both versions will be delivered free of charge to you.