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Headquarter Germany

VISUS Health IT GmbH
Gesundheitscampus-Süd 15
44801 Bochum, Germany

FON +49 234 93693-0
FAX +49 234 93693-199


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Headquarter Switzerland

VISUS IT Solutions AG
Fraumünsterstrasse 29
CH-8001 Zürich, Switzerland

FON +41 44 552 24 80
FAX +41 44 552 24 83


Healthcare Content Management

This is how you design the JiveX HCM that matches your facility

JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM) consists of individual modules that can be combined to build a complete system. This is a practical approach in that hospitals can add individual components to their existing infrastructure or introduce the entire HCM step by step. This is also of benefit as existing deficits in the infrastructure can also be bridged.
There is really no rigid blueprint for building a JiveX HCM. Each JiveX HCM is individually tailored, so to speak, to your needs.


The first thing to do before introducing the JiveX HCM is to take stock:

  • Which existing IT systems yield medical data that are to be integrated into the HCM?
  • In which formats do the data exist?
  • Which existing components can be used for implementation of the HCM?
  • Which components are completely lacking?
  • Who will be the user of the HCM and of the data? How is the distribution of the data to look later?
  • Which processes can be implemented immediately? And which at a later point in time?

Once these questions are answered, it will also become clear which components of JiveX HCM will be used and how they will be built.

The four components of JiveX Healthcare Content Management

Medical Integration

  • Hospital information system
  • Gateways for integration of different data (formats)


Medical Sharing

  • Process components for receiving and distributing medical data (HL7 MDM, IHE-XDS)
  • REST-based interfaces for retrieving information (WADO, FHIR, ...)
  • Process components for generating worklists
  • Process components for automated classification (file plan)
  • Process components for data synchronization


Medical Viewing

  • MPG-compliant multi-format viewer


Medical Archiving

  • Medical archive, IHE-XDS-compliant


VISUS Contact

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