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Headquarter Germany

VISUS Health IT GmbH
Gesundheitscampus-Süd 15-17
44801 Bochum, Germany

FON +49 234 93693-0
FAX +49 234 93693-199


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Headquarter Switzerland

VISUS IT Solutions AG
Grossmünsterplatz 6 8001
Zürich, Switzerland

FON +41 44 936 1104
FAX +41 44 936 1103


Communication and Networking

Sharing and making radiological data available

JiveX Enterprise PACS – Communication and networking

Radiology is an important interface in the overall medical process. JiveX maintains this role by offering numerous networking options through its system which enable efficient internal and cross-facility operation.

JiveX offers various communication options to hospitals, general practitioners, and referring medical specialists to enable them to exchange investigations. In addition to a cross-department JiveX PACS, a complex cross-location network solution is possible with the data center involved.

Communication and networking

The JiveX Web Client provides the user with quick access to all image data and can be called up via the normal desktop PC web browser. It is thereby particularly suitable for clinical users, for whom quick, uncomplicated access is more important than the enhanced functionality and processing power of a stationary workstation version. Easy maintainability of a web browser solution contributes immensely to cost reduction and thus facilitates comprehensive image distribution across the clinic. In addition, the JiveX Mobile Client enables clinical users to perform works and examinations on mobile devices e.g. during a clinical visit.

To facilitate communication with referring practitioners and patients, Link Share can be set up with JiveX. Instead of the physical data carrier, password-protected shared links can be passed on to referring practitioners/patients. The links can be called up in every web browser and represent a secure, efficient and cost-effective option for treatment data components.

JiveX offers valuable support in telemedicine as well. Examinations can be exchanged on-demand securely, promptly and in a standardized manner by DICOM email within a telemedical association, such as the West German Teleradiology Association.
For practice associations, it is vital that all locations can have access to a consolidated data pool at any time. This is guaranteed by the rule-based local systems being synchronizable with central servers taking into account access rights.
Cooperation between clinics can be ensured through an XDS infrastructure. Here, the data are basically archived locally, but can be easily called up by participating clinics when necessary, which minimizes costs e.g. in the event of a patient transfer.

PACS contact person: Katharina Belohaubek & Paul Willer

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Katharina Belohaubek and Paul Willer
FON +49 234 936 93-400