Finally Independent: Evaluation of ECG Findings on the Web

  • JiveX – Evaluation of ECG Findings on the Web

Starting this fall, it will be possible to diagnose resting ECGs via the JiveX Webviewer – and thus directly from the HIS and the patient file.

At this year's DMEA, which took place between April 9 and April 12, VISUS demonstrated the prototypes of the highly practical JiveX Webviewer application which was well received by the visitors at our stand. Resting ECG examinations are routine tasks in clinical workflows, but they may also be time-consuming, because they require specific clinical software. Normally, an attending physician cannot perform an ECG examination from the doctor's room, let alone meeting room or ward. 

A Good Process Adapts to the Physician – Not the Other Way Around

The required change of location is time-consuming and also drags the attending physician out of their current workflow. In the future, the solution developed by VISUS will allow clinical workflows to be adapted to the physicians' habits. ECG on the Web enables resting ECG findings to be retrieved and evaluated directly from a patient's record. "The JiveX Review Client – which has been employed for ECG examinations for many years now – can only be used in a dedicated location. The move towards a webclient solution is based on our clients' desire for greater flexibility. For resting ECGs, we are now able to fulfil this desire at the same functional level as specialist software", explains Dr. Daniel Geue, Product Manager at VISUS, about the motivation for this development. 

ECG on the Web is a certified medical product which enables ECG diagnostics to be performed regardless of the ECG device used. In addition, for cardiologists and internists it is a perfect complement to the JiveX Healthcare Content Management System which allows stress and long-term ECG data to be displayed as a .pdf file. 

Following the successful premiere of the prototype at the DMEA, VISUS developers are working hard to roll out ECG on the Web by the coming fall.

An Overview of ECG on the Web Features

  • Representation of channels in all conventional channel layouts
  • Time and amplitude measurement features
  • Compass feature for measuring short-term frequency anomalies
  • Representation of cardiac time intervals (P wave, QRS complex, QT intervals, such as QT, QTc, QTcB, QTcF)
  • Cardiac time interval adjustment option
  • Median display
  • Butterfly plots with the option of standardization to the reference level
  • Support for workflows for diagnostics and supervision
  • Inputting and/or amending of the findings data
  • Standard-compliant data management as a DICOM ECG / DICOM SR
  • Communication of findings and cardiac time intervals to a HIS
  • Generation of configurable .pdf reports for export or printout 
  • Can be used on mobile end devices
  • Support for ATNA audit trails