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Best Buddies in radiology


Best buddies in radiology?

Only a very few, if any, radiologists are worried that AI will make their job redundant. But does…

Radiology meets AI


AI will be a partner for employees in healthcare

That AI is increasingly establishing itself in radiology is generally and rightly seen as a success…

The PACS as a data repository


PACS as a data warehouse

The volume of data in radiology is already enormous. A cranial scan 20 years ago needed just 25…

Changes are daily business


Healthcare: Changes are a daily fact of life

Which opportunities and risks the actors in healthcare see in the current and planned changes depend…

Change needs to be learned


Change has to be learned

Keeping up with the times does not mean chasing after every trend. This distinction is important.…

Rethink instead of change


Restructuring the healthcare system: Rethink rather than rearrange

What exactly must happen so that good medical care can be provided offered in the future also? Will…

The cloud your friend and helper


The cloud, your friend and helper

The question of whether hospital IT should move to the cloud or not is no longer an issue these…

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VISUS Cloud - Next Level

Not secure enough, not individual enough, too intransparent, too cloudy: solutions from the cloud…

How the cloud makes good weather


How the cloud makes for clear weather

If cloud technologies and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are to be successful in gaining a…

Your data - Your community


Your data - Your community

Without having to think twice: which data-based communication takes place most frequently in the…