May 2024

JiveX Enterprise PACS in Diagnostiek voor U


All-inclusive Diagnostics

Blood and urine tests, ultrasound, X-rays, lung function tests, etc.: It is no exaggeration to say…

Nils_Wittig_KMS Datennutzung in der Medizin: klüger mit KI


Data usage in medicine: smarter with AI

Technical insights into the development of software solutions that generate AI-based results or use…

Best Buddies in radiology


Best buddies in radiology?

Only a very few, if any, radiologists are worried that AI will make their job redundant. But does…

Radiology meets AI


AI will be a partner for employees in healthcare

That AI is increasingly establishing itself in radiology is generally and rightly seen as a success…

The PACS as a data repository


PACS as a data warehouse

The volume of data in radiology is already enormous. A cranial scan 20 years ago needed just 25…