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With our major release JiveX 5.5, we have significantly improved the reporting processes. The meaningful, process-related integration of AI as well as even more interoperability and security are important steps towards future-oriented workplaces.

Artificial intelligence: support at the highest level

No, AI will not replace radiological work. However, it will be able to provide maximum support and thus establish itself as an indispensable assistant for all radiologists. The decisive criterion for the successful application of AI within the context of radiological findings with the PACS is that physicians can decide for themselves which AI solutions can provide them with the best possible support. 

This is why we cooperate very closely with the AI marketplace of the connect MT network (formerly the West German Teleradiology Network). Here, institutions and users can choose from a variety of tested and established AI solutions - either based on the indication or the body region. In this case, the solutions can be integrated directly into JiveX 5.5 via an interface so that the workflow continues to run under PACS control. 

To get the best out of our PACS, we also actively engage with AI providers. We evaluate the benefits and security of individual solutions for our users and ensure that only valid and meaningful applications find their way into JiveX.

In addition, we are proactively working on the further establishment of standards in the field of AI. To this purpose, the Interest Group for AI in Imaging was founded under the umbrella of the IHE and under the leadership of our colleague and Head of Innovation Management, Dr. Marc Kämmerer. Meanwhile, numerous AI providers, users and other stakeholders regularly convene here to incorporate standard profiles and standard formats into AI development from the outset. (link to Blog)

IHE-IOCM: Improving synchronization as standard

On the subject of IHE: our developers have addressed a problem that occurs quite frequently in practice in the JiveX Version 5.5 and solved it using an IHE profile. This relates to cases where something is changed locally in a study within a heterogeneous network. Until now, it has not been clearly regulated how this change should be communicated within the network and between different PACS. With the introduction of the IHE-IOCM profile (Image Object Change Management), JiveX is able to communicate local changes to existing objects to external systems and continue to manage copies of changed objects in JiveX. This ensures data synchronization within a network or group, which leads to greater treatment and patient safety. Furthermore, IHE-IOCM makes communication between JiveX and systems from other manufacturers more secure. We are pioneers in the introduction of IHE-IOCM.

New functions make work easier

We have also improved the functionality of JiveX - all true to the motto: Simplify Your Workflow! For example, Version 5.5 features a shortcut to display all MPRs - a wish frequently expressed by users. In addition, it is now possible to synchronize sorting of the content from the demo folder to the study list and the mouse interaction between JiveX Web and JiveX Review Client has been adjusted. Also worth mentioning are the newly created option for synchronous image interaction in JiveX Web and the display of captures of all loaded studies. Another new feature is the extended "PDF Export Plus" function: for example, when merging several documents, a table of contents is automatically created based on the configured file plan. In addition, a solution was created for PDFs with a defined total size. These are split automatically so that they can be used easily in downstream processes.

Focus on cyber security

We pursue a "secure by design" approach in the development of our products. This means that we always take data and information security into account right from the outset - and that at the highest possible level. You can find out exactly how we define and implement this approach here.

In short, we always strive to develop secure applications that provide maximum protection for sensitive patient data. Cyber security is a fundamental feature of our products.

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