Agile working

  • Agile working

The principle is old and well-established, but still remains true: Adapt or die. Unfortunately, the desire for major changes is not inherent either in human nature or in entrepreneurial nature. In view of the ever-shorter gaps between individual change cycles, probably the most important adaptation lies in acquiring the skills for rapid change.

The right buzzword for that is agile working. Generally, this is understood as the ability to adapt quickly, flexibly and proactively to new circumstances. In some branches of industry, agile ways of working have already become established - but not in the healthcare sector, to date. There are bound to be several reasons for this, one being the fact that this is a partially-regulated market.

But despite all these reasons, even healthcare facilities cannot set themselves apart from the universal principle of adaptation. Our current focus is therefore dedicated to agile working in healthcare facilities. We ask what precisely lies behind agility, and how agile ways of working - including using software - can be established.

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