"Best in KLAS“ - even from a distance

  • We are awarded - Best in KLAS 2022
  • Best in KLAS Evaluation 2022
  • We are awarded - Best in KLAS 2022
  • Best in KLAS Evaluation 2022

VISUS is once again given top marks by users. While access to many services was limited during the crisis, the performance of VISUS and the JiveX Enterprise PACS was above average even during pandemic times- which is why VISUS again received the coveted Best in KLAS Award for 2021.

The award, which is based on user surveys, is also rather special in that it not only rates software performance per se, but in particular, judges the company's relationship with its customers. Aspects such as the corporate culture, the embodied values and daily cooperation are rated on an equal footing with the purely product-related aspects.

Crisis-proof customer relationships

VISUS was able to set the bar high in all areas, even in times of the pandemic and under aggravating lockdown conditions. The respondents awarded a total of 91 points out of a possible 100, with the average score being 84.3.

Best in KLAS 2022 - Evaluation VISUS
Andreas Kaysler - VISUS
"This year, we are even more pleased to receive the Best in KLAS Award. 2021 was a difficult year on the service side owing to the contact restrictions. We could not and were not allowed to assist our clients on site as intensively as we are normally accustomed to and as much as we would have liked to. Nonetheless, we succeeded in providing excellent service and support - be it via video conferences, telephone calls, or our e-learning platform. It is gratifying to see that our efforts to maintain customer relationships at the accustomed level of intensity have borne fruit and that JiveX users feel committed to us even in difficult times."

Andreas Kaysler

Authorised Signatory and Senior Department Manager Services at VISUS

Information about KLAS

Since 1996, KLAS Research has been compiling product reports that evaluate specific products and product groups in the field of health IT based on user surveys. The KLAS Award is based on these results. The KLAS reports provide IT specialists and decision-makers with a comprehensive, honest, transparent and accurate market overview for specific products.

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