Bridge-Building with Bits and Bytes

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By reading our current story „Escape the Data Jungle“, you were able to discover ideas for fast and safe paths out of the digital jungle. The important thing is: Embark on your journey, learn new things, and thus shape your data world in a lasting manner – we support you along the way.

Keeping an Eye on the Patient

On the other end of the scale, we must also keep an eye on the patient who is located in a data desert. He or she may not even be aware of this, because digital data have previously not been a patient topic. But by 2021 at the latest, when digital medical records arrive, it will dawn on patients that the data for them are rather sparse. This will happen at any rate if no solution has been found by this point with which the healthcare facilities’ data inventories can be easily synchronized with the records – and independent of the record provider and its technology.

JiveX Healthcare Content Management

Our objective: In the “Healthcare facilities / Record / Patient” construct, we want to be the central hub for the distribution of medical data in all directions. This means ensuring that the medical data get from the hospital environment to the records via a uniform interface. And vice-versa: that the data which the patient him or herself feeds into the records make their way to the hospital environment. And this is what we are presently working on. We have already created a good foundation for this with the JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM) system. It ensures that medical data – images, documents, structured data – are available in harmonized, standardized formats at a central location from which they can be distributed.

IT Bridges for a Barrier-Free Data Exchange

Today, however, the stipulated routes of transmission of the many record providers differ completely and are in part proprietary. And proprietary, as we all had to learn painfully, is rather impractical, expensive, and not manageable in the long run. To some extent, this is because the necessary standards still need to be adapted to the requirements of the medical records. The most important challenge for all parties involved, in my opinion, is developing this in the available time period, including it in guidelines, and implementing it in the respective products. This will keep us on our toes but it is not impossible – and I will do my part to ensure success.

It is personally important to me to live in a world in which I, as a self-reliant person, can decide on my health. To do this, medical data must be able to circulate sensibly and smoothly between medical records, IT systems of facilities and patients. We as VISUS have the ability to build the necessary technological bridges for this purpose.

Klaus Kleber - VISUS
Bridge-Building with Bits and Bytes

Klaus Kleber

VISUS Managing Director Technology