JiveX HCM - Oscar-Worthy Performance

Have you always wanted to see how JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM) works in theory and practice? Here's something we have prepared for you. Together with a film crew, we have actually made it our goal to capture the benefits of HCM in images and voices. Here, you can watch the film that has resulted from this.

Our tour started at VISUS in Bochum, where our product experts explained the idea behind JiveX Healthcare Content Management: Namely the consolidation of all medical data within a system as well as their management and evaluation in a multi-modal viewer. This helps to ensure better treatment quality without overlooking the relevant data and having to perform redundant examinations. In addition, the JiveX HCM lays the foundation for establishing digital patient records and the medical data exchange within and across a healthcare facility.

More efficient controlling processes

Then we visited the St.-Johannes-Hospital in Dortmund. Ljubica Flasche, Head of Controlling, explained how JiveX HCM supports her daily work with medical controlling for invoicing. Instead of having to consult different IT systems the way she used to before, the billing-related data can be retrieved at the push of a button since the introduction of JiveX HCM. This makes communication with external medical controlling institutions both faster and safer. Mrs. Flasche is confident that all relevant data is really transmitted to the appropriate institutions – this ultimately improves the company's income structure, because the reimbursement rate increases.

Excellent interoperability

Richard Schmidlin, Head of IT Services, and Rolf Schwendener, COO of the Merian Iselin Clinic in Basel, explained how they use JiveX HCM. On the one hand, they use it to meet the requirements of the Electronic Patient Record in Switzerland (EPR). This means that data within the clinic is consolidated and processed such that it can be incorporated into the prescribed patient record IHE structure. On the other hand JiveX HCM is used for achieving the goals they have set themselves, because the Merian Iselin Clinic places the most exacting demands on patient care and relies on an excellent environment and systems used. And the JiveX HCM is ideally suited for this, because accessing all medical data via a mobile device – whether at work or at the point-of-care – improves communication and service with and for the patients.

Seamless integration with cutting-edge systems such as KIS also ensures smooth internal processes from patient admission through discharge.

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