JiveX Product Development: Something’s going on

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In the software sector, transformation is the critical success factor. Systems that do not allow for adaptation, development, or thinking ahead are doomed to fail. The success of JiveX products is based not least on the fact that the developers of JiveX have systematically adapted to market requirements and always stayed one step ahead of the future over the last 20 years. This generated not only updates but entirely new products and product lines that contributed decisively to optimization of medical care. Absolutely nothing will change about this simultaneously visionary and practical approach now or in the future. The only thing that will change is JiveX—which is just how it should be.

Along with many small and medium-sized threads that VISUS wove daily into JiveX, there are also a few thicker strands that the development team is currently pulling on. The energy used for this is well invested because the functions and technologies that users of JiveX can look forward to in the medium term will once again greatly simplify daily work and further improve the quality of medical care.

JiveX Healthcare Content Managment

Integration of structured data

All medical information for patients will be administered in the JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM) in future. This includes not only the data that are already included—documents or images—but also structured data such as laboratory and medication data or information from results. These data will be received, extracted and structured as required from document objects, and then archived in audit-proof systems. For the technical implementation, standard medical interfaces, particularly FHIR, that accept such data and make it available for queries by third-party systems will be provided. Work is also being done to display the structured data in the best possible manner. Instead of simply viewing the data through an external viewer, the laboratory data, for example, will be displayed so that it is immediately apparent when values are not quite right. Machine-supported analyses derived from artificial intelligence will enable clinicians to increase the quality and effectiveness of their work.

Integrated reporting

Another function for the HCM will be an integrated, language supported, and web based reporting solution for structured results and free text results. The solution will be designed so that is can be readily adapted to the challenges of each discipline. The options available will include evaluated individual report templates for different departments. The results recorded in this way will be filed and available as structured data. The starting point for the development is radiology, an area where good empirical data are already available. Use cases for other specialist disciplines will also be developed in parallel to this development. Integrated reporting also includes supporting reporting processes on the JiveX platform, for example, with the creation of a radiology reporting dashboard.

Increasing availability

So that future tasks can also be completed efficiently, the HCM will be equipped with all the necessary functions for highly available and failsafe operation in central infrastructures. The aim is to ensure that medical information can be provided securely and quickly at all times. To achieve this, backend functions based on the state of the art including database cluster or container structures will be implemented. As an expansion of the high availability, operation of the JiveX Healthcare Content Management will be multi-client capable. Along with cloud-capable, audit-proof, and above all data privacy compliant archiving of all data, the priority will be making the data readily available for intersectoral exchange and for patients.

JiveX Enterprise PACS - Radiology, simple and efficient

Use of artificial intelligence

In the radiology sector the focus in the near future lies on user friendly application and incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI). When incorporating AI it is important for radiologists that their work process is not interrupted but that the AI is easy to use and can be controlled from the PACS. There have already been good experience acquired in lung analysis, brain imaging, and mammograms.