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With JiveX Status Monitoring, IT departments are always provided with an overview of all JiveX-associated functions and processes. The traffic light system indicates whether and where problems may occur at an early stage. This gives those responsible sufficient time to act before failures occur.

Employees in the IT departments of medical practices and hospitals are well aware that software problems usually occur according to "Murphy's Law". For example, the message "hard drives are full" does not occur on a Tuesday morning, but on a Saturday evening. A backup failure does not occur on a Monday morning, but on a Friday evening. This suddenly turns events which can normally be solved quickly and effectively into genuine stress tests which burden the department and tie up resources.

Always in control

With JiveX Status Monitoring, such extreme situations can be avoided - simply because failures or restrictions won't occur in the first place. This is because the application we developed specifically for the JiveX product world, recognizes when action is required at an early stage - for example, expanding storage capacity - and warns those responsible with a change from "green" to "yellow" on the dashboard.

To this purpose, the JiveX Server receives the data of the JiveX core components six times per hour. The transmission of the relatively small data package (only technical data are transmitted) is encrypted and GDPR-compliant via a port in the firewall. Continuous transmission ensures that the monitoring dashboard is always up-to-date. In other words, if all the lights are green, those responsible can be sure that no infrastructure problems are to be expected on the part of JiveX. This lets you relax - and saves costs.

Small application, major impact

Responding in good time often prevents components from having to be replaced altogether, or having to call upon expensive services to restore the status quo. The advantage of the application is not only that it indicates that something is wrong, but also what. This saves lengthy troubleshooting in many cases and also facilitates communication with the VISUS Support, if this should prove necessary. To be absolutely sure that no warnings are overlooked, JiveX users can also set up notification via e-mail.

All-round carefree package

So, which parts of JiveX are actually covered by monitoring? All parts associated with JiveX. Currently, we have more than 30 operating parameters that we track with JiveX Status Monitoring, for example, utilization of the working memory, the functionality of the writing stations or the various interfaces. For example, in the area of JiveX Healthcare Connect we check whether there are blocked links in LinkShare or if web archives are stuck in Tomcat. To receive the information, monitoring agents are used, which send their data to our central server in the VISUS data center. Here, they are bundled specific to customers and sent to the IT department's dashboard. Upon request, VISUS provides monitoring as a JSON export so that it can be integrated into customer's own monitoring systems. However, in this case, we do not provide support, as customer solutions are very diverse. Around 300 medical practices and hospitals already use this excellent service. The general consensus: simply outstanding!

Practical advice and assistance

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