Kick-off for fully digitalized data management

  • edia.con gGmbH – Lars Forchheim

Four acute hospitals, three nursing homes, one psychiatric facility and several healthcare centers – this portfolio makes edia.con gGmbH, headquartered in Leipzig, one of the largest care providers in central Germany. After having installed JiveX to consolidate medical data management in the acute hospitals in 2012, the company is now about to undertake the next step in the digitalization process: broad implementation of digital document management as well as a digital, IHE-compliant patient record to provide a patient-centered overview of the entire medical documentation, including medical technology findings.

MSG, the management and service provider which is in charge of IT services at all edia.con facilities chose VISUS as partner for the implementation of the project. “Prerequisite for a digital patient record is full digitalization of data management and archiving. With the introduction of JiveX Integrated Imaging and the concomitant integration of DICOM and non-DICOM data in the digital infrastructure we built a solid foundation. Now, we will have to complete the data consolidation process and maintain all medical data in an IHE-compliant way. We are convinced that the VISUS healthcare content management approach offers the necessary components to do just that,” says Lars Forchheim, Head of Information Technology and Organization at MSG. Indeed, the JiveX Healthcare Content Management System (HCM) provides all elements to deep-integrate medical data in a single system in order to enable their processing, mapping and distribution. HCM’s ability to integrate with other primary systems such as the HIS creates a seamless communication cycle which significantly optimizes therapy safety and efficiency.

The edia.con project encompasses data consolidation as well as integration of data in the existing IT infrastructure, particularly the HIS. Moreover certain processes and structures, such as digital signatures, time stamps or a master patient index, will be implemented. “The project requires not only state-of-the-art technology but also extensive process know-how. We are very proud of edia.con‘s vote of confidence. In cooperation with the other partner companies I am sure we will establish a groundbreaking solution in the group,” says Martin Klingelberg, Head of Sales, North and Eastern Germany, at VISUS.

The implementation of HCM in the edia.con facilities is another example of healthcare facilities moving toward consolidated and standard-compliant electronic patient records that provide comprehensive and relevant data across systems, departments and institutions. VISUS JiveX Healthcare Content Management offers and integrated approach to data management in order to allow intelligent data display and archiving. A crucial component is the use of globally recognized standards, i.e. DICOM as well as HL7 or CDA and, in the context of IHE, XDS and XDS.i.