Sana Kliniken AG: Patient data pool Made by VISUS

  • Sana Kliniken AG: Patient data pool  Made by VISUS
    From left to right: Rudolf Heupel, VISUS Head of Division Sales, Heinz Koopmann-Horn, Managing Director Sana IT Services GmbH, Stefanie Kemp, Director Sana Kliniken AG, Jessica Zierke, VISUS Key Account Manager DACH [Germany, Austria & Switzerland], Guido Bötticher, VISUS General Manager, Martin Klingelberg, VISUS Head of Division Product Management, at the DMEA Trade Fair 2023 in Berlin

Our long-standing customer, Sana Klinken AG, is expanding their partnership with us and in future will use JiveX as an IHE repository and archive.

At this year's DMEA, not only interesting discussions took place but also important agreements were reached. In particular, we are happy about the contractual signature of Sana Kliniken AG, which will further expand their existing partnership with VISUS and together with us will implement the development of an IHE-based patient data pool. Such a repository and archive will permit better medical and nursing care for the patients by centralizing the medical data.
According to Sana Director Stefanie Kemp, Chief Transformation Officer (CTO), "What is important for Sana is that the data from the individual site-specific silos be elevated to a higher-level entity. In this way, the medical information will always be available whenever it is needed. This is a basic prerequisite for a successful patient journey which, for example, may begin in a medical healthcare center, pass through a hospital and be further accompanied by a rehabilitation program as well as therapeutic remedies and adjuvants."

The JiveX HCM as a central repository

We support this patient journey with our JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM), which in future will be the central repository for the interoperability platform that constitutes the data pool for Sana. In the words of Martin Klingelberg, Head of Division Product Management VISUS, "An important building block in the JiveX HCM has always been a repository based on IHE XDS, or stated otherwise the use of a standard that is valid throughout Europe and the world – as you know, that's what we stand for. Our challenge is now to make the JiveX HCM available in a central entity to all facilities and to elevate the local IT systems into the "IHE world" via an integration module. With our HCM, we naturally also provide the central archive component via modern interfaces – that is likewise one of our innate strengths. We are extremely excited about this challenge."

Modular structure offers prospects

For the Sana clinics, which now will all be equipped successively with a JiveX HCM, this modularly structured approach offers the possibility of optimizing the processes within the clinic even beyond the pure data-pool function. In the words of Guido Bötticher, Managing Director VISUS, "The integration module makes a basic component of the JiveX HCM solution available to the clinics. In this way, prospectively all medical IT systems and instruments that generate images, videos, biosignals and documents can be easily interfaced as needed with the JiveX HCM. And therein lies further potential for modern healthcare processes, not only for the individual facilities but also for Sana as a whole."

We are delighted that we have been able to convince Sana Kliniken AG of our concept in the context of a Europe-wide bid and to have the opportunity to travel the path toward healthcare optimization by smart data management together with their facilities.