• VISUS at the ARAB HEALTH 2019

From January 28th until January 31st 2019, the world's most important trade fair for health and medicine acts as a hub for business in the Arabic, South Asian and African regions. More than 103,000 visitors from over 150 countries are expected this year.

Once again this year, we are exhibiting at the Arab Health in Dubai, which is an ideal platform for us in the Middle East & North African regions. We present you our innovative solutions in the field of radiological image management "JiveX PACS" and the management of medical health data "JiveX Healthcare Content Management".

JiveX Healthcare Content Management

With the JiveX HCM we have developed a solution that not only consolidates different archives, integrates subsystems, solves their archiving and interconnects. Rather, it acts as a "sparring partner" of the hospital information system (HIS), by performing complementary functions as well as a bidirectional exchange with the system to streamline all clinical processes.

In addition, JiveX HCM is XDS-enabled, allowing it to exchange medical data across clinical facility boundaries. This adds indispensable value for modern data management, with regard to planned electronic patient record, patient dossiers or other formats required by law.

JiveX Connect - New Paths in Networked Radiology

Radiological data is becoming more and more mobile, as the demand for medical information from referrers, patients and further treatment clinical facilities is high.

For this purpose we have developed JiveX Connect, which contains a package of different solutions, all of which aim to share data across sectors easily, securely and quickly. The philosophy behind it is to offer the right communication channel for every workflow. Whether paper printing, download, patient CD, URL link or direct access: patients and physicians should be able to access all types of data such as clinical findings, reports and images in a way which is most appropriate for them.

Downstream processes, such as downloading data (DICOM / JPEG / PDF, etc.) to your own file system, are considered here. Thus, the attending physician can import X-ray images for follow-up into his own PACS, while the patient also has the opportunity to save his own clinical findings or pictures on his file server.

You will find us in Trade Centre Arena at booth SA.D56.