VISUS at the ECR 2019

  • VISUS at the ECR 2019

Seeing more and communicating better

"The bigger picture": VISUS could not have chosen the motto for this year's ECR better itself. That's because JiveX is similarly all about seeing the bigger picture better.

Radiologists from all over the world are gathering for the 25th time, from February 27 to March 3, 2019 in Vienna, to find out about the latest developments and technologies in their field. Naturally, we will be there again this year showcasing the latest JiveX Enterprise PACS functions.

Network and visualize

One particularly refined innovation in the latest JiveX version will immediately strike users: The changed preview bar. The original tree structure has been foregone in favor of a modern configuration with color-marking of different studies, which can now - just like individual series previously - be put up directly via drag-and-drop. Overall, the view is now more readily comprehensible, and the user obtains all the relevant information at a glance and can orient himself more quickly.

  • Neue Vorschauleiste im JiveX Enterprise PACS

A less apparent, but no less practically-oriented, function is JiveX Connect. It represents the possibility of exchanging medical data easily and securely via a link - comparable to what is offered by providers such as WeTransfer. No matter whether it is for the patient or referring physician, and no matter whether it is for radiological images, findings or videos: Anywhere that medical information needs to be passed on straightforwardly to another person, JiveX Connect comes into play. Straightforwardly means that an elaborate infrastructure, for example based on IHE XDS, is not necessary. With that, JiveX Connect solves the challenge for healthcare establishments of making patient data available to them in digital form, for example.
Using the JiveX Connect link-share, however, it is also possible to transfer raw data for a study in DICOM format. This is of benefit, for instance, to facilities providing next-stage treatment, as they are able to download radiological image data and integrate this into their own PACS environment.

Diagnosing well in all dimensions

Further highlights of JiveX Version 5.1 are to be found in the display of sectional image series. Firstly, it is possible to navigate dynamic studies easily using the time-point. What does that mean? That JiveX effectively retains a given layer and the radiologist can take a trip through time using the dynamic study.  This function has benefits, for instance, for contrast medium enhancements in the tissue, as these can be viewed at various stages and time-points. Using JiveX, the radiologist can simply change the time-point display, without the need to navigate to the layer in question again every time.

Simplified diagnostics are similarly possible on curved anatomies: Using the Curved MPR function, for example, a spinal column that has been twisted due to scoliosis can be displayed on an image as straight.
Have we aroused your curiosity? Then visit us at the ECR in Vienna, in Hall X5, Stand 531. To assist us in better planning your visit, please arrange your meeting with us beforehand.