We are Crisis-Proof!

  • VISUS Corona Statement – We are crisis-proof!

The risks, worries and measures associated with the coronavirus are currently shaking our social and economic certainties. 

Who could have ever imagined that scores of people would become infected with a new disease resulting in major events, such as the European Congress of Radiology or the HIMSS, being postponed? Or that there would be a threat of supply shortages of pharmaceutical raw materials? That schools would be closed and entire industries – such as trade fair booth builders – would have to register for short-time work?

Our Action Plan

It is especially in this crisis that our customers rely on our solutions and require our support. We accept this social responsibility for the healthcare system: Our action plan provides for VISUS employees to remain active even in the event of a possible quarantine.

For this purpose, each employee has been equipped with technology allowing him/her to work from home at any time. For as long as the spread of the virus is not under control, each employee takes his/her laptop home so as to be able to continue working directly from home in case of emergency. Work within a team becomes possible with the use of modern communication tools such as video conferencing. 

In addition, of course, the following rule applies: those who are sick, stay at home. No matter whether it is a corona infection, a "normal" flu or just a cold.

Measures for Customer Appointments

As a further measure, we are reducing business trips. We will preferably hold customer appointments and training courses online. We will only visit customers on site - in compliance with all legal and hygienic regulations if their relevance is appropriate and our customers explicitly request this. 

We will carry out in-house visits - also in compliance with all legal provisions and hygiene regulations - if their relevance is appropriate.

Please let us know if and to what extent we can support you, your team and your facility in coping with the crisis!

If, despite all our efforts, you have reason to complain, we will of course be happy to help you by phone or e-mail:

Phone: +49 (234) 93693-200
E-Mail: support@visus.com 

Thank you for your understanding and support.
Status: 22.06.2020