GZO Spital Wetzikon


GZO Spital Wetzikon – the HCM sprinter

Grumbling users? Skeptical managers? Tough project management? None of these are familiar to Beat…

Rüdiger Kerkloh – Alexianer


JiveX Enterprise PACS at Alexianer

Clearly, the aim behind introducing a PACS is to install a system that optimizes modern radiology…

VISUS Application team


VISUS applications team - keeping you up to speed!

A good PACS adapts itself to: the medical challenges, technological change and user requirements. A…

A docket from radprax


The pivot point for documents

Entirely paperless - aspirational, but not wholly possible. Even in otherwise digitized practices.…

We celebrate the standard


We celebrate the standard

It is not just VISUS that is celebrating a major birthday this year, but also two of the most…



Are you interested in establishing a start-up?

In this issue, we have looked in detail at agile ways of working. And we have also explored our own…

HCM SPELLED OUT – Electronic files and portals


A case for HCM: Electronic files and portals

Many of our customers are currently more or less directly involved in setting up electronic patient…

Inadvertently agile – JiveX Healthcare Content Management


Inadvertently agile

No IT, no agile working - that much is clear. That's because the necessary structures cannot be…