JiveX Enterprise PACS in Diagnostiek voor U


All-inclusive Diagnostics

Blood and urine tests, ultrasound, X-rays, lung function tests, etc.: It is no exaggeration to say…

Nils_Wittig_KMS Datennutzung in der Medizin: klüger mit KI


Data usage in medicine: smarter with AI

Technical insights into the development of software solutions that generate AI-based results or use…

Best Buddies in radiology


Best buddies in radiology?

Only a very few, if any, radiologists are worried that AI will make their job redundant. But does…

Radiology meets AI


AI will be a partner for employees in healthcare

That AI is increasingly establishing itself in radiology is generally and rightly seen as a success…

The PACS as a data repository


PACS as a data warehouse

The volume of data in radiology is already enormous. A cranial scan 20 years ago needed just 25…

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AI in miners’ association hospitals

A common misconception about the use of AI in medicine is that AI comes in with a big bang and…

JiveX Update FAQs

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Update

Our Update Team has compiled answers to the 14 most frequently asked questions about the latest…

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KLAS Award 2024: Together for success

In 2024, JiveX Enterprise PACS has again been voted the best PACS in category DACH and recognized by…

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SimplifAI your job – with JiveX 5.5

With our major release JiveX 5.5, we have significantly improved the reporting processes. The…

Secure products with threat modeling


Securing Products with Threat Modeling

The security of JiveX products is upheld through what we call Threat Modeling. To spread the…