XDS or XDM: That is the question here!

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XDS or XDM: That’s the question here!

Anyone who wants to take standardized paths when it comes to the transport of medical data cannot…

Where to put the pictures?

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What should be done with images?

When it comes to the structure, use, and success of national records such as the ePA in Germany,…

Saskia van den Bos Head of the Medical Technology and IT Services Department at Maasstad Hospital


IHE XDS provides important stimuli in network care

As the director of the medical technology department and IT services at the Maasstad Hospital in…

VISUS company headquarters in Bochum


Social responsibility as a corporate objective

Healthy workplaces, fair cooperation, the promotion of social projects and protection of natural…

JiveX in Down Under


JiveX in Down Under

The VISUS family continues growing: Since this summer we can count the Australian expert for…

Standards as an engine of growth

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Standards as a driver of growth

Information technology standards and profiles are the hallmark of VISUS. It is even doubtful if the…

Building of the Agaplesion Diakonieklinikum in Rotenburg


Digital lighthouse

The appearance of physicians and nurses at a patient’s bedside with a tablet computer instead of a…



Think big(ger)

In the past, standards played an essential role in the development of healthcare IT in general and…

Dr. Marc Kämmerer, Innovation Manager at VISUS


DICOM meets AI

“There’s still life in the old dog yet”: so say the British when something old has not yet outlived…

Visit us at the virtual ECR 2020

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Visit us at the virtual ECR 2020

The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2020 is now taking place - Not in Vienna this time, but…