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The Dutch exit

The Dutch have left. They already stopped participating more than two years ago. And all parties…

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The role of radiology

The fact that the medical care landscape is facing profound changes has been known and sensed in…

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JiveX HCM at the Barmherzige Brüder Regensburg hospital

For a good two years, JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM) has been used as the digital archive…

St. Barbara Hospital in Gladbeck


RIS & PACS from a single source

[Translate to English:] Vor allem inhabergeführte radiologische Praxen stehen bei der Wahl eines…

Changes are daily business


Healthcare: Changes are a daily fact of life

Which opportunities and risks the actors in healthcare see in the current and planned changes depend…

Change needs to be learned


Change has to be learned

Keeping up with the times does not mean chasing after every trend. This distinction is important.…

Rethink instead of change


Restructuring the healthcare system: Rethink rather than rearrange

What exactly must happen so that good medical care can be provided offered in the future also? Will…

AI-Based workflow implementation

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AI-Based workflow implementation

When asked about their expectations for a good PACS, radiologists today emphasize the importance of…

IHE Connectathon 2023 - VISUS

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IHE Connectathon 2023: Another year, another successful participation!

From September 25th to 29th, 2023, the French city of Rennes became a central gathering place for…

Andreas Kaysler - VISUS Managing Director

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New Managing Director at VISUS

Andreas Kaysler, a long-time VISUS employee and manager, will take over the position of Managing…