IHE Connectathon 2023: Another year, another successful participation!

  • IHE Connectathon 2023 - VISUS
  • IHE Connectathon 2023
  • IHE Connectathon 2023
  • IHE Connectathon 2023 - VISUS
  • IHE Connectathon 2023
  • IHE Connectathon 2023

From September 25th to 29th, 2023, the French city of Rennes became a central gathering place for health IT and interoperability experts. Over these five days, the IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) Connectathon took place at the Couvent des Jacobins – and we were there as a team once again.

At first, things got off to a bit of a rocky start. We found out that the Deutsche Bahn isn’t the only obstacle we would be facing when traveling to such an event. The French rail system can also be a bit nerve-racking: Due to a power outage, our trip to Rennes nearly ended at Paris-Montparnasse. For a long time, not a single train was able to leave the station. Fortunately, after some delay, the trains started moving again. Thank goodness we made it on time, as this year’s IHE Connectathon was another resounding success and a valuable experience for our six-member team.

Focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We were able to spend a week with representatives from other companies, where we extensively tested our JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM) system and JiveX Enterprise PACS – and their connectivity with other system solutions. When it came to the HCM system, the team members working on the tests in question concentrated on profiles relevant to XDS (Cross Enterprise Document Sharing) in order to further stabilize and expand products in this field. 

The AIR (AI Result) tests were a definite highlight in the PACS field, where we were able to demonstrate our expertise in the field of AI and its implementations in radiological imaging and our in-depth discussions and tests with our colleagues from the Austrian team at CGM (CompuGroup Medical).

In total, we completed over 122 tests in 15 profile/stakeholder combinations with JiveX – and all of them passed without any problems. This was a great reason for us and our Austrian colleagues to celebrate – which we did during dinner later that day.

Testing, listening, learning

In addition to the tests we carried out, we participated in several lectures, seminars, and discussions, and not just as listeners. Our colleague, Dr. Marc Kämmerer moderated one of the international panels – followed by a discussion on “Radiology and AI.” 
In total, almost 300 people from more than 50 participating companies or organizations from Europe and the USA traveled to Rennes and tested almost 70 systems in their respective fields. 


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