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JiveX HCM at the Barmherzige Brüder Regensburg hospital

For a good two years, JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM) has been used as the digital archive…

St. Barbara Hospital in Gladbeck


RIS & PACS from a single source

[Translate to English:] Vor allem inhabergeführte radiologische Praxen stehen bei der Wahl eines…

Dr. Toni Vomweg during mammography reporting with JiveX


vedisys and VISUS: Partnership par excellence

The Radiological Institute Dr. von Essen in Koblenz has been working with JiveX Enterprise PACS for…



JiveX HCM in the Heidekreis Clinic

The strategy of the Heidekreis Clinic is absolutely clear: by the end of 2027, all processes are to…

Grand Hôpital de l‘Est Francilien (GHEF)


JiveX HCM in France's GHEF

The Grand Hôpital de l'Est Francilien (GHEF) was created in early 2017 as a result of the merger of…

JiveX Upload at Basel University Hospital


JiveX Upload at the University Hospital Basel

Because of the file sizes, transferring MRT imaging records from A to B is still a challenge –…

Robin Hoogduin - Alphatron


JiveX in the Haagland Medical Center (HMC)

In general, our Netherlands neighbors are a step ahead of us in the matters of digitalization and…

Universitätsmedizin Rostock


JiveX Enterprise PACS at Rostock University Medical Center

The staff of Rostock University Medical Center (UMR) have had to wait a long time, more than seven…

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JiveX HCM at the Clinique de La Source: Best service, satisfied "customers"

The Clinique de La Source in Lausanne, Switzerland, is a classic hospital for external medical…

Private Clinic Golden Cross in Vienna


JiveX in the PremiQaMed Group

Everything started with the desire for a sitewide, multimodal archive. What emerged is one of the…