Increased Security for LDAP Connections

Upcoming Windows Updates Require Your Attention

To the best of our knowledge, Microsoft is expected to enable changes to LDAP signatures and LDAP channel bindings on domain controllers as part of its normal update process in the second half of calendar year 2020, which will change the current default behavior. Read more about it in the Microsoft Security Advisory ADV190023.

The JiveX Enterprise PACS and JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM) solutions, which are integrated into your existing LDAP-based user and rights management via the JiveX LDAP Gateway module, may be affected by these updates. In concrete terms, this means that user logon to JiveX Clients as well as logon to the Administration Console using LDAP-authenticated users may no longer be possible. The following other products of the JiveX product family are not affected: JiveX Scan Import Gateway, JiveX PDF Print Gateway, JiveX Analog Modality Gateway, JiveX Analog Modality Gateway AV, and JiveX HIS Archive Connector.

The JiveX major version 5.2.0, expected to be available in March 2020, will support LDAP methods both prior to and after the mentioned Windows updates. For the existing major version 5.1.0 we will provide a patch that also supports both methods. We will not update older JiveX versions in accordance with our software maintenance conditions. 

Please verify if you are affected by these updates. Our support will be happy to assist you and respond to your questions. 

Have you already been considering an update to the new version 5.2.0? Then our update service is looking forward to hearing from you.