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JiveX 5.2 - Highlights

JiveX users and those who want to become one can enjoy many new functions for more efficient communication and image processing, more efficient use of medical data, and easier patient connection.

JiveX 5.2 is not a simple software update, rather a major release, thus a new version of the established software from Bochum. Equally comprehensive is the package of innovations which the VISUS developers embarked on. It ranges from the optimization of radiology processes to the expanded use of JiveX in IHE-XDS scenarios to improved patient communication.

Something new in the JiveX Enterprise PACS

The use of JiveX in radiology puts the topics of automation and individualization of processes in the forefront – with the goal of further easing the radiologist’s workload and making interpretation procedures even more reliable and efficient.

The fully automatic “Dirty PACS” function in which the data are initially sent to an upstream JiveX system can contribute significantly to this. There they are checked with the aid of the established study verification and corrected, if necessary. After this process is completed, they are forwarded to the actual “Clean PACS” where, accordingly, only verified data land.

In addition, it will be possible in the future to navigate through study annotations. This function facilitates and accelerates the review of marked layers, for example, in comparative investigations. However, it also simplifies the communication with the physicians providing further care who can see the annotations made by the radiologists in the web distribution. This is useful because abnormal areas, such as lesions, can be directly indicated in this way.

The new functions in radiology also include Spine Labeling for transferring spine markings to all spatial dimensions, and the option of merging PET/CT images.

Another innovation is the deep integration of the speech recognition software SpeechReport. Initially only on the Dutch market, this innovative solution replaces the older version of Medispeech. This enables the radiologist to perform a large part of his daily work a central location - the JiveX Enterprise PACS.

And finally, users can enjoy the options for assigning individual window values to buttons or exporting sectional image series as videos.

More networking, please

The JiveX Healthcare Content Management System (HCM) as the site for the consolidation of all medical data of an institution is readily used in XDS networks when it is necessary to network the systems of various institutions in a standardized manner. Since JiveX has already proven itself in the role of a data-retrieving system (XDS Consumer), we now also support the role of an “Integrated Source Repository” which receives and stores documents and can provide them to other users of the XDS network. Using the XDS Consumer allows a direct connection to the HCM View.

In addition, the image management in the HCM was greatly improved through the adoption of changes to radiological studies from external image management systems based on the IHE-IOCM profile.

With regard to HCM: It will be possible in the future to simplify group profiles and set up the targeted distribution of usage rights. In this way, individual views of patient data can be generated for users of a user group. For cardiologists, for example, only cardiology findings, ultrasound data, chest X-rays or ECGs in the patient-centered view. If needed, the user can also easily access other data. Alternatively, functions can also be withheld from user groups.

We have also optimized the scanning of documents using JiveX Scan Import Gateway through the integration of barcode recognition. When pages are scanned in, documents can be automatically generated using barcodes, allocated to contexts (patient/case), and categorized. In this process, various barcodes are taken into account. It is not necessary for a barcode to be on each page.

Secure connection of referrers and patients

JiveX Connect, which makes it possible for patients or referring physicians to access all of a hospital’s data from the outside, is even more secure with the introduction of two-factor authentication. In addition, the release of data via a link is optimized the released data are now automatically synchronized with a computer in the secured environment of a DMZ and can be accessed only from there. Links to these data can also automatically be sent directly after release to a printer and thus given directly to the patient.

The networking of an institution with patients and referring physicians, which is at the forefront in the case of JiveX Connect, is complemented by the new JiveX Connect Upload. The organization providing further treatment makes a fully web-based platform available on which data can be uploaded. In this case, it does not matter whether the data concern medical images from patient CDs, ECGs, documents or other data. As a supplement to the uploaded data, a message (for example, a medical question) can additionally be communicated to the recipient.

EKG-Befundung: JiveX ECG Advanced mit neuen Funktionen

Additional innovations include the expansion of functions in the case of ECG examinations in the web and the support of Secure LDAP (LDAPs) – reports on both of these will follow in separate blog entries:

Would you like to learn more about the new functions of JiveX 5.2 or are you already interested in an update for your institution?

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