JiveX Healthcare Connect connects individual players

  • JiveX Healthcare Connect connects individual players

JiveX Healthcare Connect is the newest member of the JiveX product family and will help ensure that healthcare data can be shared faster, easier and more securely between stakeholders.

First consolidate, then network

JiveX Healthcare Connect is a continuation and specification of the Medical Sharing component of JiveX Healthcare Content Management. It includes medical data sharing solutions that perfectly match the technical capabilities and regulatory requirements of individual healthcare stakeholders. The actors, i.e. potential recipients of the medical data, can be divided into three groups.


JiveX Healthcare Connect offers simple but effective technologies sharing data with patients. For example, Connect Link Share. Link Share is a download link comparable to those used in professional and private contexts to exchange large amounts of data. The only difference is that Connect Link Share has appropriate security mechanisms that make it possible to share sensitive patient data in the first place. Via Connect Link Share, patients can download their data and save it in their personal patient file, for example. 

But receiving medical data from the patient also plays a role in patient communication - for example, to plan a hospital stay with existing preliminary examinations. Connect Upload is available for this purpose. With Connect Upload, patients can use simple technical means to securely upload medical data to make it available to a healthcare facility. 

Healthcare Professionals

The exchange of medical information between various healthcare institutions (hospitals, outpatient facilities, for example, community health centers) is a part of daily operations. Here as well, Connect Link Share offers a secure and modern alternative to data transfer via CD. Data shared via Connect Link Share – treatment documentation and image data – can be easily downloaded and integrated in the institution’s own IT infrastructure. Alternatively, data can be provided via Connect Upload.

If there is regular exchange between a hospital and, for example, consultant or attending physicians and referrers, institutions can use a (web-based) portal with strictly regulated access rights.

(Medical) Experts

The easy availability and secure communication of medical data improves patient care not only directly but also indirectly. This is because consolidated information in interoperable formats is also relevant for scientific research and the development of AI and big data solutions. The data exchange via Connect Link Share and/or the portal solution with scientific institutions and companies thus significantly contributes to medical advancement and better care – while of course complying with all measures to protect personal data.

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