KLAS Global VNA Comparison: JiveX Among the Top Performers

  • KLAS Global VNA comparison: VISUS among the best in its class

Along with our JiveX Enterprise PACS, our JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM) system is also a top performer in the renowned KLAS Performance Report. Within the Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) category, our JiveX HCM received far higher ratings from users than most comparable systems.

Strictly speaking, JiveX HCM is in a class of its own. This is because its functionalities go far beyond those of a VNA. While in the case of a medical VNA, the focus is on the archiving primarily of images, JiveX HCM emphasizes the consolidation of all medical data and their structuring and display according to medically useful parameters – an aspect which traditional VNAs do not consider.

Competing on the Market

The uniqueness of our JiveX Healthcare Content Management solution does not, however, prevent us from comparing our products and services with those of the renowned market players. Ultimately, we want to provide our potential customers with the best possible basis for making decisions about their IT investments.

The KLAS reports offer the perfect framework for this. Since 1996, KLAS Research has compiled product reports which evaluate certain products and product groups in the field of healthcare IT based on user surveys. For IT specialists and decision-makers, the KLAS reports provide a comprehensive, honest, transparent and accurate overview of the market for certain products. 

However, no overall scores were awarded in the Global VNA Solutions Report 2019 and instead the quality of individual elements was surveyed. The results pertain to customer surveys worldwide apart from the USA.

Customer Satisfaction? Outstanding! 

In all topic areas surveyed, VISUS far outranks the systems from other suppliers. It is particularly gratifying that our customers had all of their expectations met with a high degree of satisfaction. The evaluation in this area – 8.0 points – is far above the average of 6.5 points. Simply put, this means: We have no empty promises and therefore also no unpleasant surprises – which is apparently by no means a given, as a glance into the report reveals.

The customers surveyed also gave top scores with regard to strategic consulting and partnership. KLAS summarizes this in the report as follows: “VISUS Health IT is highly praised by the customers surveyed for being a strong system as well as for the partnership-like collaboration and customer guidance.” And also: “VISUS outperforms most other suppliers when it comes to business relations based on partnership. Almost all customers interviewed indicated that they were very satisfied with the company’s commitment. Those surveyed stressed the willingness of VISUS to play a part in the joint development and implementation of a facility-wide image management strategy.”

It is also interesting that users employ JiveX for a wide variety of applications, in comparison to other solutions – for DICOM as well as for non-DICOM images. JiveX thus contains data from radiology, cardiology, the OR, endoscopy, wound management, as well as ultrasound images and documents.

The full Global VNA Solutions Report 2019 can be requested free of charge here.