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Without having to think twice: which data-based communication takes place most frequently in the hospital and with which external target groups? The dialog with our long-term customers revealed that this concerns the bidirectional data exchange with patients, the communication with referring physicians and the exchange within medical expert groups. And it is precisely these target groups which are addressed by the solutions that we bundle as a SaaS under the JiveX Healthcare Connect umbrella. VISUS customers who move to the cloud can flexibly expand their networks and effortlessly strengthen their "digital community" thanks to these solutions.

In practice, one can actually find even more stakeholders who belong to such a digital community of a medical establishment. For example, the Medical Service, cost bearers, scientific alliances, AI solutions or IT infrastructures such as the telematics infrastructure. They, too, can be easily included in the communication via the JiveX Healthcare Connect solutions.

JiveX Healthcare Connect is an umbrella product under which we consolidate our SaaS-based solutions for networking and the intelligent, secure and targeted exchange of medical data. Currently, this includes products which benefit from the decentralized structure via the VISUS Cloud when distributing medical data to different target groups.

JiveX Upload

A classic application for JiveX Upload is the transfer of preliminary examinations, images or patient findings to the treating institution. Even in 2023, this is still often accomplished by handing over a DVD with radiological image data, and by bringing the originals of physicians' letters and findings in paper form. The biggest challenge in involving patients in digital communication has so far been to connect them to the complex IT infrastructure of the facilities when using their private "IT capabilities".

This challenge is solved with the JiveX Upload via the VISUS Cloud. With JiveX Upload, the healthcare facility employs the VISUS server as a cache to which patients simply upload their data from their home PC. By integrating JiveX Upload on the facility's website and adapting it to its CI, patients nonetheless always gain the impression that they are communicating directly with their practice or the hospital.

For the recipients of the data, this detour via the VISUS server offers the advantage that the data are first checked here, for example for malware. If the data are clean, they are forwarded to a facility's IT infrastructure, and a notification of receipt ensures that they are also processed. JiveX Upload is therefore extremely easy and secure to use for both parties - the healthcare facility and the patient. It really couldn't be simpler than that.

JiveX Link Share

JiveX Link Share is also perfectly suited for the reverse case, i.e. for providing medical data to the patient for transmission to physicians providing further treatment - especially in a radiological context. Instead of copying the large amounts of data that radiological examinations tend to generate onto an external data carrier, a link or QR code is simply generated from within the PACS. This can be forwarded to the patient by mail or via a printout. When scanning the code or clicking on the link, the JiveX Viewer opens with the corresponding images. Here, too, access in the near future will no longer be via the in-house IT, but via the secure VISUS Cloud. The data are provided automatically from the JiveX Enterprise PACS.

JiveX Connect - Visuals

JiveX Professionals

The easiest way to strengthen the community with referring physicians is to use JiveX Professionals. JiveX Professionals enables the automated, rules-based transfer of medical data from the cloud. To give an example, the process works like this in practice: a hospital or a practice creates a referring physician in JiveX - with just a few clicks and without having to enter a health professional card, etc. The physician automatically receives a link where he/she can register after entering his/her name and a self-selected password to retrieve as well as download the data. Finished. JiveX Professionals is entirely web-based and operates without the installation of any software.

JiveX Experts

JiveX Experts optimizes communication and the data-based exchange between medical experts via the cloud. Classic application cases are consultations. The special feature of JiveX Experts: with just a few clicks, standardized question and answer sheets can be created which simplify consultations on specific diseases as the person requesting advice is guided through the relevant questions. This prevents possibly irrelevant information from being transmitted in the free text, yet important parameters not being taken into account. The standardized questionnaires and response forms can also be of excellent use in the context of decentralized scientific collaboration. JiveX Experts is also a SaaS solution, so data are accessed and retrieved via the VISUS Cloud.