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JiveX Enterprise PACS and JiveX Mammography

While searching for a new PACS, Dr. Ute Wagnetz met a radiology colleague who had absolutely no complaints at all regarding his system. Who, on the contrary, was completely impressed by the solution. Such a state of satisfaction with the image archiving system seems to be rather rare among radiologists, which is why the chief physician of the Institute for Radiology of the Bülach Hospital in Switzerland was greatly interested in this system – namely, JiveX. In fact, it turned out that JiveX was able to more than satisfy the Bülach radiologists as well. 

A first meeting between the radiologist, the IT manager of the hospital and VISUS took place at the DMEA in Berlin. And already at this first presentation Ute Wagnetz had a good feeling.

Dr. Ute Wagnetz - Spital Bülach
"What impressed me directly was the flexibility of the system and also of VISUS. We were expressly looking for a partner who would adapt to our wishes, who would work with us to develop a custom-fit solution and who would also develop it further. This first impression was confirmed in the complete tender process, in the implementation and also now in the daily cooperation."

Dr. Ute Wagnetz

Chief Physician of the Institute for Radiology of the Hospital Bülach

Other requirements from the specifications included system security, reliable image archiving, high performance and process support for all aspects of breast diagnostics.

A top performer in breast diagnostics 

“Against the background of our cooperation with the Winterthur Cantonal Hospital in the care of breast cancer patients, we wanted to completely overhaul and optimize the entire process with regard to mammography and tomosynthesis. The fact that VISUS, with the JiveX Mammography Client, has a solution which can perfectly handle and manage data from mammography and especially from tomosynthesis, was another argument in favor of the solution from Bochum. Since the introduction of JiveX in the fall of 2019, the workflow with regard to tomosynthesis has changed the most. The fact that the 3-D data now can no longer be reported exclusively at the device but instead via the PACS at the radiology workstation makes things enormously easier,” the radiologist is pleased to explain.

But collaboration with clinical colleagues has also improved. This is because, using JiveX Web Client, radiological images and reports can be accessed throughout the hospital via the HIS. And – also a convincing argument for daily medical work routines – JiveX can also be accessed from the workplace at home via the web client. Surgeons, among others, use this function for surgical planning for the following day.

Bright prospects for the future 

For the other areas in diagnostic radiology as well, JiveX provides valuable functions which increase quality and efficiency. Ute Wagnetz: “It was extremely important for us for the functionalities of the PACS to develop analogously to the requirements and also to the technical possibilities and to not maintain the status quo. An example of such further development is the image fusion of radiological images from different points in time.” 

The team of the Institute for Radiology is currently still getting to know the fine points of the JiveX functionalities. “We find that most of the initial problems were due to user errors. JiveX offers so many possibilities that it will take some time until all added value has been exhausted,” adds the chief physician. The radiologists in Bülach had no problems with the user interface which was described as extremely intuitive and logical to navigate. The collaboration with the VISUS team was also rated positively: “The communication is simply good. We feel that we are in good hands and that our requirements and desires are taken seriously. In brief: We are completely satisfied.”

About Bülach Hospital and the Institute for Radiology

Bülach Hospital, which has 200 beds and around 1200 employees, ensures superior and conveniently located medical care for the residents of “Zürcher Unterland,” the northwestern part of the canton of Zurich. The Institute for Radiology offers a comprehensive outpatient and inpatient diagnostic spectrum with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, mammography, and digital X-rays. It has ultramodern equipment and highly trained technical staff. The services offered also include image-guided, minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (interventional radiology) as well as pain therapy (infiltrations of the spine/joints). Particular areas of focus include neuroradiology and stereotactic breast biopsies (MIBB). Over 40,000 examinations are performed annually in the hospital’s radiology institute.