VISUS establishes itself on the French market: Allez JiveX!

  • Team France – VISUS establishes itself on the French market

Photo Source VISUS / Our Team France (from left to right): Ahmed Mlaiah, in charge of support; Jérémy Cuif, Key Account Manager France; Jaromir Garreau, in charge of project management

All beginnings are difficult. This was also the case for JiveX on the French market some years ago. However, the JiveX Enterprise PACS as well as the JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM) system have become well established by now and French users highly value the flexibility and interoperability made in Germany. This success is due to a revised market strategy and the dedication of the new VISUS team as well as of a new local partner.

Fruitful cooperation with X Medical Picture

VISUS finally found this partner in X Medical Picture (XMP). Since the start of the cooperation in early 2019, 12 customers have already decided to choose JiveX. More precisely, the institutions decided on an X Med PACS: this is the name under which XMP markets the JiveX Enterprise PACS in France. However, apart from the name, nothing changes for the radiologists in the neighboring country. They also benefit from the outstanding functionality, the interoperability, the networking possibilities, the user-friendliness and the ability to expand to other fields which set JiveX apart. And of course from the excellent service which VISUS is known for. This is because the XMP employees are very familiar with JiveX and have a good connection to and a seamless exchange with the experts at VISUS in Bochum.

Jérémy Cuif – VISUS
“We are pleased that the partnership with XMP is yielding such good results and that the French colleagues are bringing JiveX to the market with such dedication and success. The significant interest on the part of the users shows us that our strategy of cooperating with national providers is the right one. Each country has its own requirements and peculiarities which a local company can best assess and serve. In France, for example, there is an extremely large interest in individual modules of JiveX, such as the Share Link function. The demand there for this simple option for exchanging radiology data is much greater than it currently is in the German market.”

Jérémy Cuif

Key Account Manager France at VISUS

Full speed ahead: More power for the HCM

JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM) also already has faithful fans in France. The Saint-Joseph Hospital in Paris, for example, has been working with JiveX for three years and in this time, it has been able to greatly optimize processes relating to management, archiving, and the exchange of medical data. “JiveX HCM helps us position ourselves to be future-proof with regard to interoperability and enhance the digital data flow in our institution through the consolidation and standardization of medical data,” explains Christophe Nicolai, IT director at the Saint-Joseph Hospital. Learn more in our (video) report.

In order for even more institutions to benefit from the possibilities of the JiveX HCM, VISUS has once again significantly expanded the French team to now include Ahmed Mlaiah, in charge of support, and Jaromir Garreau, in charge of project management. Jérémy Cuif explains the addition of new staff: “We see a lot of potential for HCM projects in France. It’s crucial for us to provide close support for these projects and to also be available to customers in an advisory capacity, as we do in German-speaking countries. To be able to ensure this, it is critical for our consultants to be able to communicate with customers in French and also for our colleagues to focus exclusively on the developments in the French healthcare market. This is not something which can be done on the side.”

“The measures we have taken in recent months are having a significant impact. The interest in VISUS and JiveX by the French health IT community has grown significantly. This can also be seen, for example, in the delegation visits at VISUS within the framework of the HIMSS. At the JFR French radiology conference in Paris as well, we are seeing a significant increase in the response to our products and concepts,” Guido Bötticher, Managing Director at VISUS, is pleased to report.

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