Dr. Toni Vomweg during mammography reporting with JiveX


vedisys and VISUS: Partnership par excellence

The Radiological Institute Dr. von Essen in Koblenz has been working with JiveX Enterprise PACS for…

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ChatGPT in Medicine

Do I trust things like ChatGPT to be able to determine a diagnosis based on the symptoms I type in?…



JiveX HCM in the Heidekreis Clinic

The strategy of the Heidekreis Clinic is absolutely clear: by the end of 2027, all processes are to…

Sana Kliniken AG: Patient data pool  Made by VISUS


Sana Kliniken AG: Patient data pool Made by VISUS

Our long-standing customer, Sana Klinken AG, is expanding their partnership with us and in future…

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Digitization saves resources

Hospitals are also increasingly coming under "sustainability pressure". Not only do patients expect…

Skills shortage in IT


Shortage of skilled staff in IT

Nearly 100,000 jobs remained vacant in the IT industry in 2021. And the health care sector proved…

The cloud your friend and helper


The cloud, your friend and helper

The question of whether hospital IT should move to the cloud or not is no longer an issue these…

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VISUS Cloud - Next Level

Not secure enough, not individual enough, too intransparent, too cloudy: solutions from the cloud…

How the cloud makes good weather


How the cloud makes for clear weather

If cloud technologies and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are to be successful in gaining a…

Your data - Your community


Your data - Your community

Without having to think twice: which data-based communication takes place most frequently in the…